HaPiness is getting to a healthier you

Over the last 50 years, we’ve seen all kinds of paths to personal health, and today we’re committed to helping you along yours. Our plans have evolved to meet modern health needs, with benefits that benefit your mind, body, and entire well-being.

Finding compassion in a complex system

Everyone deserves quality health care that supports their unique needs. From pioneering coverage for transgender services to being the first to offer dedicated nurse care managers, we’re always advocating for the best care for every member. Watch the video above to see how one member found empathy and an ally in his complex health care journey.

6 ways to manage stress

Stress is very common in everyday life, but it can often be managed with a few simple methods.

  • Write it down

    Putting pen to paper can help solidify your thoughts and bring clarity to what is causing you stress. This makes it easier to prioritize and decide when to say “no.”

  • Walk it out

    Walking regularly is a great way to manage stress. After a while, you may feel like you have extra energy to do more physical activities.

  • Be present

    Focusing on the here and now can help you escape from life’s stressors. Look for activities or hobbies that require your undivided attention.

  • Relax and release

    Sometimes we carry stress in physical ways. Try relaxing your body with techniques like breathing exercises, aromatherapy, yoga, or muscle relaxation.

  • Free your feelings

    Bottling up emotions gives them more power. It can help to talk with someone you trust, or even laugh, cry, and express anger when you need to.

  • Explore your options

    If you’re experiencing challenges that aren't manageable and are impacting your life, your health plan may cover behavioral health services and support.

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Spend the year saving

When you get Harvard Pilgrim, you get more than a health plan. You get tools, programs, and insights to help you take care of yourself from head to toe—without costing you an arm and a leg.

  • New Year New You

    Work out your fitness reimbursement

    Whether you're hitting the gym, joining a studio, or jumping on the latest bandwagon, we want to help. See if your fitness costs qualify for a reimbursement up to $150.

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  • Beat the cold

    Try a virtual visit

    Stay inside and save. Use your phone or computer to connect with a board-certified physician, psychologist or psychiatrist. Doctors can diagnose and even prescribe medicines through video chat.

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  • Warm up to savings

    Get more for less

    Find the best price for your care with our cost comparison tool. And get rewarded for using providers that will cost you less and deliver high-quality care. So you can pad your travel fund and continue saving throughout the year.

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  • Fall back on urgent care

    The ER doesn't have to be your go-to

    For non-life-threatening situations, urgent care is generally faster and more affordable than the emergency room. Something to consider the next time you pick up a pumpkin-carving kit.

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  • Open Enrollment

    Plan to save

    Choosing the right plan will help you save all year long. Determine which option will be the most cost effective for you next year with our tips for picking a plan.

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Understanding mindfulness in under 5 minutes

There’s a lot of confusion around what mindfulness is. Although meditation is a common mindfulness tactic, there’s much more to it than yoga mats and lotus flowers. It can be done by anyone, at any time.

Watch this short video to learn about the practice of mindfulness and how it can help you feel happier, be more productive, and create stronger relationships.

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