Harvard Pilgrim Webcast Series

What’s next for health care?

The 2018 midterm elections will likely set the course for the future of our nation’s health policy. Our senior leadership sat down with Robert Laszewski, president of Health Policy and Strategy Associates, LLC, to reflect on the outcome of the vote and its impact on health policy. Watch this webcast to hear about what might be next for the health care industry.

Guiding employees to the right choice

Harvard Pilgrim is here to guide you through big decisions during your enrollment period and throughout the year. Watch this webcast with special guest, MyHealthMath, as we share how our innovative suite of member solutions will provide up-front cost awareness and empowerment for each member before, during, and after they select a health plan.

Realize your personal and professional potential

Take an hour from your day to increase your attention span, decrease your stress, and expand your working memory. Watch the webcast above to find out firsthand how mindfulness training can enhance your personal and professional performance. We also discuss how mindfulness can be implemented in a corporate culture, from our experience of partnering with over 200 companies to build programs for their workforce.

Check back for new webcasts in the coming weeks.