Diverse benefits and better health value for your small business

Choosing the right health benefits for your multi-generational workforce

For the first time in history, there are five generations in the U.S. workforce. In this article, you’ll learn how to best navigate their preferences and priorities in order to choose health care to fit their range of needs.

  • The Silent Generation

    Although they only make up 2% of the workforce, they utilize care more than any other generation.

  • Baby Boomers

    This generation may not have grown up with the internet, but they still rely on it for information about care.

  • Generation X

    Many Gen Xers are the chief decision makers for their own health care as well as their parents and children.

  • Millennials

    This generation loves having options when it comes to their health care and are more likely to use less traditional offerings such as telemedicine.

  • Gen Z

    As the youngest generation in today’s workforce, Gen Z relies on their parents’ opinions when making decisions about their care.

  • Today’s Workforce

    Despite their differences, all five generations in the workforce appreciate accessible care at a good value.

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Inclusive care and coverage for all

With Harvard Pilgrim, all of your employees will have access to quality health care that will support their unique needs. By valuing our members’ differences and creating value through those differences, we’ve made inclusion a cornerstone in our health plans for years. As a pioneer for transgender services, we were the first to provide dedicated nurse care managers. Watch the video above to see how these member-centric benefits helped one individual navigate his complex health care journey.

Keeping your employees safe in the opioid epidemic

With opioid overdoses leading to more than 130 deaths every day in the U.S.,1 this crisis is no longer just a crisis– it’s a full-blown epidemic. And for companies who want to take care of their employees, the rise in drug misuse can be a concern on both a personal and a business level. Employees affected by an opioid addiction can not only bring productivity down, but also raise compensation claims and health care costs. Find out how you can help keep both your employees and your business safe from risk.

  1. National Institute on Drug Abuse. (2019, January). Opioid Overdose Crisis. https://www.drugabuse.gov/drugs-abuse/opioids/opioid-overdose-crisis#six
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Helping your business get healthier and happier, today and every day

Why companies are supporting emotional wellness in the workplace

Battling burnout 960x648

Today’s workforce sees more burnout than ever. So, how can employers decrease stress and increase productivity? We partnered with Forbes to discuss why companies are supporting emotional wellness in the workplace.

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4 common health plan mistakes your employees might be making

4 common mistakes image for Ha Pi site

Want to save on health care without cutting the quality of care? Start by helping your employees develop savings-savvy behavior. Read our guide to see how you can help your employees avoid the most common health plan mistakes and keep your costs down.

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