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When you get Harvard Pilgrim, you get benefits that were built on 50 years of knowing what businesses need. Today, we’re leveraging utilization data and member population trends to design plans that work hard and keep costs down. Helping everyone get healthier and happier.

Keeping up with health care.

Watch our latest webcast to learn how the 2018 midterms could affect the future of health care, as Harvard Pilgrim senior leadership discusses the outcomes of the elections with Robert Laszewski, president of Health Policy and Strategy Associates, LLC. Click below to get access to the video, along with these other webcasts designed to keep you informed and on top of what you need to know about health care:

  1. Cost awareness webcast: Guiding employees to the right choice
  2. Mindfulness webcast: Realize your personal and professional potential
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3 ways to help your employees help you save

Our health plans come with tools and programs that empower your employees to keep their costs down, so you can control yours.

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4 common health plan mistakes your employees might be making

Want to save on health care without cutting the quality of care? Start by helping your employees develop savings-savvy behavior. Download our guide to see how you can help your employees avoid the most common health plan mistakes and keep your costs down.

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Inclusive care and coverage for all

With Harvard Pilgrim, all of your employees will have access to quality health care that will support their unique needs. By valuing our members’ differences and creating value through those differences, we’ve made inclusion a cornerstone in our health plans for years. As a pioneer for transgender services, we were the first to provide dedicated nurse care managers. Watch the video above to see how these member-centric benefits helped one individual navigate his complex health care journey.

Better access to greater care

We recognize that no two people are on the same path to personal health, and we strive to empower each of your employees along theirs. With services that cater to a diverse population, we make sure that every member has the tools they need to break through their personal barriers to better care.

The bottom line on employee well-being

Studies show that there’s a direct correlation between an employee’s well-being and their productivity at work. In fact, both individual and team productivity are about 20% higher in employees with excellent well-being versus those with poor well-being.1 Employers are beginning to invest in plans that support a holistic approach to overall health, which ultimately helps them see better outcomes all around. Discover the benefits that more and more employers are starting to offer.

  1. Sturt D, Nordstrom T. The truth about employee well-being: research shows what really works. Forbes. April 15, 2016.
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Well-being in the workplace

Get a glimpse into the minds of Jonathan Roberts and Tami Ireland, two of the thought leaders behind our proven well-being initiatives that may help your employees become more productive.

“Mindfulness training can help strengthen neuropathways in the brain that enhance creativity, health, and performance at work and in life.”

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