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We partnered with Forbes to discuss the needs of today's workforce, digital-hungry moms, and personalized preventative medicine. Three topics that might be worth discussing with your clients. Read the articles below to learn more.

5 health care trends your client needs to know this year

From navigating health care for a five-generation workforce to addressing the needs of remote employees, there’s a lot happening that your clients should be aware of. In this article, you’ll learn the top five trends to discuss with clients to help keep their business and employees healthy all year long.

Americans are 4X as likely to choose a job with workplace benefits over an identical job with a 30% salary increase.1

  1. "Americans want employers to show them the benefits - AICPA Insights."
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Smarter Product Design

With our diverse portfolio of products, you'll be able to offer benefits beyond affordable, quality health plans. Whether you’re working with a small group or a large corporation, you can give your clients options that consider the needs of their group.

See what else you can offer your clients with our innovative product design and exceptional broker services.

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Leading the way for inclusive care

Harvard Pilgrim has always been dedicated to progress, and continues to be a pioneer for inclusive health care in New England. When you offer our plans to your clients, you’re helping them support the unique health needs of all their employees. Watch the video above to see how one nurse care manager made all the difference for her patient.

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