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When we work together, we can give your clients a range of choices to help minimize their costs while maximizing quality of care. So more people in more places will get the care they deserve. And you’ll get the support you need to get it all done.

Leading the way for inclusive care

Harvard Pilgrim has always been dedicated to progress and continues to be a pioneer for inclusive health care in New England. When you offer our plans to your clients, you’re helping them support the unique health needs of all their employees. Watch the video above to see how one nurse care manager made all the difference for her patient.

Smarter Product Design

With our diverse portfolio of products, you'll be able to offer benefits beyond affordable, quality health plans. Whether you’re working with a small group or a large corporation, you can give your clients options that consider the needs of their group.

See what else you can offer your clients with our innovative product design and exceptional broker services.

We've got it covered

Employers are paying more for health insurance, so they’re expecting more from their coverage. And as our modern society’s health needs continue to evolve, they’re looking for a health plan that can not only cover their diverse workforce, but also support their employees’ overall well-being. With Harvard Pilgrim, you can give them a turnkey solution.

We make sure our plans have each member’s back at every turn, whether they need tools to help them manage their out-of-pocket costs, access to holistic medicine, addiction services, or LGBT support. So no matter who makes up your client’s member base, you can offer each of them the tools to get healthier and happier.

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Our job is to make your job easier. We’re always offering events and resources to help you stay on top of industry trends and keep up with the evolving health care landscape. So together, we can navigate your clients’ ever-changing needs with products that are always ahead of the curve.

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